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You're invited to help take back the 'value meal' by getting together with family, friends and neighbors for a slow food meal that costs no more than $5 per person. Find an event happening near you, host a dinner, or have a potluck.

Why? Because slow food shouldn't have to cost more than fast food. If you know how to cook, then teach others. If you want to learn, this is your chance. Together, we're sending a message that too many people live in communities where it's harder to buy fruit than Froot Loops. 

How can I get involved? Take the pledge to share a meal with family and friends, find a local meal or host your own. If the date doesn't work you, you can still take the pledge to show your support -- and we'll send you $5 cooking tips and updates on the campaign.

What if $5 is too much for me and my family? We recognize that $5 is actually not a small amount of money -- but it is the cost of a typical fast food "value meal," so we figured that was a good starting place for cooking up a meal that reflects your values.

We hope to help people find ways to make eating "slow" easier, while also acknowledging what makes it hard. Understanding the hard part and how to fix the hard part ... is the hard part. And it's where we've all got our work cut out for us.

For more background on the day and the campaign, read frequently asked questions or our August 16 press release. For $5 cooking tips and other resources, click here.


Photo: Darrow Vanderburgh-Wertz