Slow Meat 2014 Delegate Application

The Slow Meat 2014 symposium will take place June 20-22, 2014 in Denver, CO.

The deadline to submit your application is April 4. Slow Food USA will notify you if you were selected by April 15. Additional details on hotel and travel accommodations for delegates will be made available at that time.

Should you have other questions, please feel free to email us at

Please complete the following:


* First Name: 
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* Employer: 


*Are you a current member of Slow Food USA?  No  Yes
*Which Slow Food USA region are you from?
*Are you affiliated with a Slow Food USA chapter?
   No  Yes, Chapter: 
 Tell us about leadership roles you play in your local Slow Food chapter or your local food community. Include dates for present and recent leadership positions held.
*Which of the following Slow Food USA initiatives are you currently involved in?
   Biodiversity / Ark of Taste
 School Gardens
 Policy Campaigns


*In one or two sentences, please describe how you are involved in meat issues in your local community or chapter.
*If selected as a Slow Meat 2014 delegate, what are your plans to share the menu for action back in your local food community?


*How old will you be on June 20, 2014? 
*What is your gender?
   Female  Male  Other / prefer not to answer
*Please select one or more race/ethnicity you self-identify as from the choices below:
   Arab or Middle Eastern
 Asian or Pacific Islander
 Black or African American
 Caucasian or White
 Indigenous or Native American
 Latino/a or Hispanic
*What is your annual household income?
 You income information is not used to determine eligibility and will remain confidential.


 How much financial support, if any, will you receive from your local Slow Food chapter or other sponsoring organization(s)?
 Will you need further financial assistance to attend? If so, please give us an estimate of your financial need: